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Last updated 5:04 PM on 12 November 2012

library library



As many of you may already be aware, we have been fundraising towards, and designing our fantastic new library space. We still have some work to go but the changes so far have been dramatic.

Some of our most recent changes include:

  • New colourful and informative signage
  • New PCs
  • New 'breakout' area - a workspace for older students to study and collaborate in small groups
  • Bright new colours to make the space welcoming
  • Comfortable seating for reading - beanbags, stools and sofas
  • Rugs to create defined floor areas
  • Frames on the walls to display student work
  • Apple TV and large LCD TV to share work from iPads
  • Flexible new learning spaces to cater for the needs of different classes and students
  • New, bright picture book shelving to make picture books more accessible for young students (arriving soon)

Visit our gallery for more pictures of our library and also of our student excursion to IKEA to choose the furniture.

Library Breakout space



Here are some of the comments from students in 3PK about the changes:

"We like the furniture because it's comfortable and gives us more space for group work" Sneha and Marwa
"Thank you for making the library from boring into a welcoming paradise" Zunaira
"The library looks comfortable because when the kids are reading and there are enough beanbags for the kids they can read properly." Sarah & Tazrian
"I think the beanbag is comfy and soft. the swinging chair is inviting and welcoming." Sami
"Thank you for making the library a marvelous, wonderful and exquisite place to come to. We really love it." Addrita and Sana

As you can tell, the students in 3PK have most likely been learning about adjectives!